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Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, Brandon DiCamillo and Tom Barbalet are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.

7: Casting the 1980s [June 17, 2017]

  Hiding stuff in stores for future purchases kicks off the show topics. Physical purchases versus online? Ice-cream favorites? When everything gets worse in popular culture? How do you deal with criticism? Can the aficionados cast a 1980s movie? Brandon provides a surprising answer on King of Kong. Tom needs Wikipedia to remember Nolan Bushnell. Brandon drops his video game idea which turns out to be represented in classic board game form. Tom needs to give an honorable mention to Blood Bowl and introduces this to Brandon. They lament the length of time to start playing a game. Favorite sodas? How about buying pets? Tom gives listener Paul's topics rapid fire. They discuss Webby Peppers. [ MP3 | link ]

6: Basil Department [May 20, 2017]

  Tom gets a parcel which needs to be unwrapped. Onion Eye provides a number of topics this week including bootleg toys, thrift store finds and old kung fu movies. Adam Czarski asks about early computer games. Tom talks about how early miscreant computer texts could lead to your friends being paralyzed by a childhood hero. Jeremey Salazar asks the aficionados about wrestling. Brandon wants know what Tom thought of Rambo. Brandon has to run but there's plenty more to be recorded next week. [ MP3 | link ]

5: It's A Seminal World After All [May 13, 2017]

  Tom is soldiering through allergies. They tackle some listener questions including an experience of this is your house on crack relating to bass music. Brandon recommends corked baseball bats as a topic and Wikipedia is better than memory it would seem. So many bad mob movies but more an excuse to talk about HBO shows and multiple Martins. Brandon suggests favorite birds and it digresses accordingly. There's a new part of the recording and it's called Compliments Time. Brandon needs to know how any train store owner could hate his humble cohost. Tom floats the topic of building boats. Brandon ponders why buying model rail track at Christmas could be so expensive. After a brief interlude of the zombie apocalypse and computer games, they return to board games and war-games in general. Tom wants to talk about Disneyland as a psychedelic experience. [ MP3 | link ]

4: Asparagus [May 6, 2017]

  Brandon starts the recording by unwrapping a gift from Disneyland that ticks two and a half Attic Aficionados boxes but it depends on the cost of a burger it would seem. How about a favorite color? They explore building of forts in particular beach forts. Kitchen-Aid attachments are very important. Tom digresses into how he has lost all his power in a particular room in the house and delivered cakes to rich mafioso in Las Vegas. Brandon liked Tom's interlude and they explore Serious Lee Fine and 2Deep. Tom talks about Schmuck Quest and his UFO simulator. Brandon wants to know about bowling alleys, bowling and curiously printer drivers. Xcode is good for a number of things. The Deer Hunter wasn't filmed in Scranton. The end of the recording is musical and macabre as promised. [ MP3 | link ]

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